4 pieces of legislation passed with bipartisan support and were signed into NYS law
  1. Marie’s Law. Bill A.4784-C. strengthens protections for minors against felony sex offenders by barring the sexual offender from living in a household with the child.

  2. Extending The Small Business Mentoring Program. This new law will extend the MTA Small Business Mentoring Program (SMBP) – Bill A.8020 – for 10 years until December 31, 2029. 

  3. Trampoline Regulatory Bill. Bill A.7250 seeks to regulate the commercial trampoline park industry and increase the safety standards for families in New York State. 

  4. Amending Labor Laws to Enhance Employee Transparency. Bill A.8035 would amend the Labor Law to define the title “employer” for those employees that perform services for an employer through another entity, namely a placement agency. The legislation would clarify this issue and assure that any New Yorker that is willing to work and provide for their family is fairly compensated if they qualify for unemployment insurance.

2 additional bills passed in Assembly and Senate 
  1. Public Hearing for Future Shelters. Bill A.7820-A would require the NYC DHS to conduct a community hearing to voice any potential concerns about a proposed shelter site.

  2. Protecting Access to Urgent Care Facilities. Bill A.10470-A would require operators of a healthcare facility to give a 30-day notice to the Department of Health and local officials on the closure, relocation, or decertification of the facility.

COVID-19 Success
  • He proudly served 1,500 hot meals and hundreds of boxes of fresh produce to residents across the district. His office also helped over 100 unemployed constituents receive their unemployment benefits.

  • Distributed thousands of masks and hand sanitizer through his summer mobile office initiative

  • Enacted COVID-19 legislation to support constituents, small businesses, and communities including passing prohibitions against price gouging; the Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020 to support individuals who were rent-burdened; and legislation to study health impacts of COVID-19 on minorities in NYS.

  • He worked with the NYC administration to secure 1.5 million to maintain the Commercial Lease Assistance Program which provides free legal assistance to small businesses. 


Charles advocates for accessible and affordable transportation on the North Shore of Staten Island. Worked collaboratively to: 


  • Helped secure $6 million in New York State funding to ensure the resident toll remained at $5.50 for an additional two years after a proposal to raise the toll to $5.90 was suggested that would place further financial burdens to our residents.

  • Remain committed to bringing a – decade-old proposal – Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to the North Shore of Staten Island.  

Education & Youth Services:

  • Allocated more than a quarter-million in funding for schools and educational programs in need of technology, band equipment, youth programming, and building improvements. that will make an impact on student advancement and health. 

  • Supported the opening of the first Youth Clubhouse on Staten Island, located at 1268 Forest Avenue to provide long-term treatment for youth experiencing addiction.

  • Proud supporter of the New York State DREAM Act will ensure that immigrant children are able to access higher education in order to fully participate in the state’s economy.


Protecting Our Neighborhoods & Residents:

  • Helped pass victim and gun reform legislation that would prevent and reduce gun violence in New York State by keeping guns out of the hands of those that have demonstrated they pose a risk, banning bump stocks and creating a buyback program for illegal guns.

  • Supported several reform bills related to the criminal justice system and transparency within policing practices

Healthy Lifestyles:

  • Increased the age, from 18 to 21 for purchasing tobacco products to remove vaping and other tobacco hands of young kids who are unaware of the risks involved

  • Secured funds for adults dealing with autism.

Justice Reform:

Charles helped to pass several sensible reform bills including the Anti-Chokehold Act (A.6144-B); Expanding the Office of the Attorney General (A.1601-A); Civil Penalties for Biased Misuse of Emergency Services (A.1531-B);  The Police Statistics and Transparency (STAT) Act (A.10609) and the Disclosure of Law Enforcement Disciplinary Records (A.10611)