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Bianca Rajpersaud

New York State Senate

Bianca currently serves as District Leader for the 63rd AD and President for the North Shore Democratic Club. Her experience working in Albany includes working in both the private and public sector, building relations with legislators, and knowing how to navigate government to improve her community. That same experience has prepared her to be a tireless advocate for working-class families, small businesses, and immigrant communities.

Bianca’s plan will include addressing the issues related to public safety, upgrading our transportation systems, and ensuring there are adequate healthcare services— including mental health services— and fair representation in Albany of the district. In addition, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Bianca will ensure the small businesses and everyday residents that have been impacted will be heard and provided with the resources needed to overcome this pandemic and get back to a sense of normalcy.

Her experience and skill set working the halls of Albany, drafting legislation, advocating for funding in the NYS budget to support local nonprofits on the ground, will be at the forefront of her campaign to ensure that the Brooklyn and Staten Island needs are prioritized in Albany.

Bianca Rajpersaud
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